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Cryopen is an effective, safe and quick solution to removing your skin imperfections that is no longer being offered by your GP. It uses nitrous oxide under high pressures to tackle issues such as skin tags, pigmentations and verrucas in just five to thirty seconds!

After your treatment you can expect the skin to become darker and to form a dry crust. As your skin heals this will fall off to reveal fresh, healthy skin underneath! Sun lotion must be used for at least six weeks after your Cryopen treatment, to ensure pigment lesions do not return. 

Get in touch with Ann to discuss the best treatment options for you. 

Age Spots

from £40

Age spots frequently occur on your hands and face, because they receive the most unprotected sun exposure. They can be removed with Cryotherapy, leaving you with healthy, youthful-looking skin after just a few weeks.

Skin Tags

from £25

Tags are small, soft skin growths that are completely safe, but can look unsightly and affect your confidence. When treated with our Cryopen they will fall off in between 1-6 weeks. Ann will advise on whether a second treatment will be needed for larger tags.

Cherry Angioma

From £10

Cherry Angioma, also known as Campbell de Morgan spots, are small groups of blood vessels. This gives them a distinctive, bright red colour which can cause people to worry but really they are of no medical concern unless they bleed. You can expect to see them lessen and disappear within just a few weeks of treatment!

Warts and Verrucas

from £25

Warts and verrucas can occur when a virus meets your skin. Children tend to get more of them, because their young immune system is not prepared to defend against the virus. It is likely you will require more than one Cryopen treatment to destroy the infected cells but Ann will be happy to advise on this at the beginning of your appointment.

£10 on return visits. 

Non Cancerous Moles

From £100

This procedure uses a small amount of liquid nitrogen to remove a non-cancerous mole. After your Cryopen treatment, they will fall off to reveal the fresh, healthy skin beneath.

You must get your doctor's permission to have any moles removed, just in case they are a sign of something more serious. A consultation is required to discuss the most suitable treatment.

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