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Facials & Skincare

A full range of luxury facials and skincare treatments available at The Shamrock Clinic.
Here are some useful skin care tips:
1. Use SPF everyday as your skin can become damaged from Uva and Uvb rays
2. Always keep you skin hydrated, don't overuse exfoliation as this will strip your skin
3. Always cleanse your skin to remove makeup, sweat and grime
4. Moisturise - Choose a lightweight, oil-free and use sparingly
5. Do not sleep with your make-up on

To book an appointment, please contact Ann:
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Dermaplaning Facial with Dermalux Light Therapy 


Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin, with zero downtime, the industry often refers to this as 'the lunchtime facial'.

A quick and painless way to have your skin gently and professionally exfoliated, the treatment involves gently scraping the surface of your skin with a swan Morton surgical blade, removing dead skin cells, fine hair, impurities and 'peach fuzz' to reveal soft smooth skin for a glowing, clear complexion.

Includes a light peel before treatment, and a medical mask at the end of your facial.
Treatment time = 1 hour 20 minutes.

Deep Cleanse Facial 


A thorough cleanse, exfoliation and steam extraction. Massage using ice globes, followed by a medical mask. Suitable for all skin types; dry, oily, combination and balanced.
Includes 20 minutes of dermalux medical LED light therapy. 

Eye Treatment 


Eye treatment for Dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and puffy eyes. A derma bio eye treatment using a nano skin pen. Micro-needling therapy using derma bio serum under the skin.
The recommended course is 4 treatments, 2 weeks apart to see excellent results.
The price is per treatment. 

Derma Pen & Mesotherapy 


This treatment is a technology with great results and benefits to improve overall skin conditions and to produce skin turnover. It stimulates the skin to promote more collagen, to help with fine lines, dehydrated skin and sun damage.

We use a combination of vitamins tailored for each Skin type, for example:
- Dry skin that is lacking in oil
- Flaky patches and touch texture
- Oily skin that is prone to congestion, blackheads and breakouts
- Combination skin - A mixture of oily T zone or dry patches
- Balanced skin that is neither oily nor dry
We choose your treatment to your skin needs.
You can also add on dermalux for £15. Courses are available for this treatment  

Seventy Hyal 2000 & Profhilo 


Seventy hyal is a skin booster intended to improve hydration levels within the skin for a luminous-looking complexion creating a youthful appearance.
This can be injected by our qualified aesthetic practitioner at The Shamrock Clinic.
Initially, 2 to 3 treatments will be required 4 weeks apart to achieve the desired results, then a top-up 9 to 12 months later depending on your skin.
£180 per 2 ml syringe. Profhilo £180 per 1ml.


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