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Brows and Lashes

A beautifully groomed brow and fluttering lashes are the perfect way to highlight facial features, bring back a little bit of youth and give you a big confidence boost! Ann offers a variety of services that will help you achieve that gorgeous look.
Get in touch with Ann to ask any questions and discuss the style you want.

Brow Wax, Shape and Tint


Ann will discuss the style you're looking to achieve before expertly waxing and tidying your brows for a groomed, flawless look. She will then tint your brows in order to give them depth of colour and definition.

Lash Tint


Ann will discuss the style you're looking to achieve, and then tint the hairs in order to give them the appearance of length, depth of colour and thickness. A great confidence boost for those with short or fair lashes.

LVL Lashes


LVL stands for length, volume, lift. Ann will use a setting serum to set your natural lashes at the root, creating a curled and lengthened appearance. A tint will then add definition. Perfect for incredible lashes that last for 6-8 weeks.

Henna Brows


This is a great treatment to try before you make the lasting decision of semi-permanent makeup and can also be applied during pregnancy. Ann uses stunning vegan friendly colours that do not contain any lead, oxidant or ammonia in a choice of eight beautiful shades. Your new brows will last from between 3-6 weeks!


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