Meet Ann


Ann was born in Moyglass, a small village in County Tipperary, Ireland. She loved living there, surrounded by beautiful countryside and quaint towns, but moved to England over 20 years ago to obtain her training as a nurse. She was then blessed with two wonderful twin boys, and a change of career to suit motherhood. She took a part time managerial position in a dental practice when her children were young, to fit around the hectic family routine.

Ultimately, she knew this would never satisfy her ambitions of owning her own business. A friend who worked as a GP recommended to Ann that there were not enough people trained in podiatry. Her inquisitive brain pushed her back to the books, and three years later she qualifed as a Registered Member of the British Association of Foot Health Care Professionals. She later completed a Manicure and Pedicure Course, in order to widen the services she could offer clients. In the meantime Ann developed an interest in facial aesthetics and semi-permanent makeup and advised her boss that this was the way forward. Ann used her artistry skills to train in Semi Permanent Makeup. She's never looked back!

Her medical background and natural sense of what will enhance and flatter your features work together well, meaning that Ann quickly gained experience and became established in this industry. New techniques and huge investment over the years means that Ann can provide a service she loves, because she sees her clients returning to their happier, more confident identity. Ann also completed Eyeliner Courses because she recognised that she could help clients who struggle with their vision, or don't want to worry about their makeup when they went on holiday. More recently Ann has seen Lip Liner treatments increase in popularity and is happy to see her clients proud of their natural-looking pout. She especially loves to use the new Perma Blend lip pigment colours because they allow her to give clients quality that lasts a long time.

Just over 3 years ago, Ann had the opportunity to take a leap and work from home. Her husband, Paul, built a cabin in the garden for her to work from and Shamrock Clinic was born.
Ann has since completed courses in Nail Art and Colour Theory for brows, to keep up with new trends and techniques. She uses the latest machine for her popular Ombre Brows treatment, and keeps up to date with all the latest trends and information.

Most recently, Ann has qualified in Dermaplaning, LED Phototherapy and Meso Therapy- the very best in leading skincare innovation. She hopes to continue increases her experience and knowledge in all areas of skincare. 

Outside of work, Ann is a natural artist and also enjoys gardening. Her clients even ask if she would apply her green fingers to theirs! She loves to cook bright and colourful dishes for her family, enjoying real family time around the table is the best evening she can have! She also loves walking holidays in Europe and of course visiting her home country of Ireland when she can. Ann's family enjoying going to see shows in London and eating out with a good bottle of wine! She loves animals too, with a very old dog and two young cats, a massive Main Coon and a Half-Bengal!


15 Hillside Road, 
Lower Stondon,
SG16 6LQ

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