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A beautifully shaped brow can really lift your face, perfect for highlighting your features or bringing back a little bit of that youth. Ann also offers a variety of other facial and body waxing services, to inspire you to feel confident every day!

Get in touch with Ann to book your appointment and ask any questions you have.

Full Face


This treatment is ideal for those with unwanted facial hair, that just want to have it gone! Waxing avoids the possible disasters of bleaching, and is a much better method than shaving. It has smooth, long lasting results that should last between 3-4 weeks on average.

Upper Lip


Get rid of those pesky upper lip hairs in one quick appointment. The results are smooth and long lasting, the average timescale for regrowth being between 3-4 weeks on average. 

Half Leg


Get beautifully smooth legs! Ann is aware of how painful people can find waxing if done poorly, so she always uses her skills and experience to keep you at ease and in comfort.



Shaving takes so much time and effort, when all you want to do is have a quick shower! So how about waxing? On average people don't see regrowth for between 3-4 weeks, meaning you can relax and feel confident!



This quick wax and tidy will keep those brows looking groomed, and is necessary before some of Ann's other brow treatments.


15 Hillside Road, 
Lower Stondon,
SG16 6LQ

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