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The innovative Cauterization Treatment involves using a special heated instrument and is used in many medical procedures, usually with the purpose of sealing the skin. It can be used to remove growths such as skin tags, non-cancerous moles, pigmentation and age spots.

The biggest advantage of using Cauterization is instant results so there is no need to wait days or weeks to see an improvement.Cauterization is an effective, safe and quick solution to removing your skin imperfections.

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Age Spots

from £25

Age spots frequently occur on your hands and face, because they receive the most unprotected sun exposure. They can be removed quickly, leaving you with healthy, youthful-looking skin instantly.

Skin Tags

from £10

Skin Tags are small, soft skin growths that are completely safe, but can look unsightly and affect your confidence. When treated with Cauterization heat therapy, the results are instant.

Non Cancerous Moles

From £100

This procedure uses an electric current to burn off the upper layers of the non-cancerous mole. After your Cauterization treatment, it will reveal fresh, healthy skin beneath.

You must get your doctor's permission to remove any moles in case they are a sign of something more serious. A consultation is required to discuss the most suitable treatment plan.

Seborrheic Keratoses (Age Spots)

From £70

Commonly referred to as ageing spots, these are the most common skin growths in older adults. They usually appear as Brown black or light tan growths on the face, ches,t shoulders or back.
The growths have a waxy scaly stuck-on appearance and their cause is unclear.
At The Shamrock Clinic, we apply heat (cautery) to the growth after the areas have been numbed. The heat that comes from an electric charge (medical device) softens the growth so it can be removed with a cotton swab. Other treatments for ageing spots include cryotherapy.
A consultation is required to discuss the best options.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

From £75

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is the term that is used for enlarged sebaceous glands, primarily seen in the forehead or cheeks of middle-aged older people. It is a form of benign hair follicle tumour, not to be confused with basal cell carcinoma. At The Shamrock Clinic, these individual lesions may be removed by light electrocautery treatment. A consultation is required to discuss a treatment plan.

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