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Semi Permanent Lips

Are you spending a lot of time every morning achieving lovely lips just for the lipstick to bleed or disappear by lunchtime? Micropigmentation might be the answer! It is a great technique for enhancing your natural shape and colour, covering imperfections and achieving anything from subtle to bold styles that last!
Get in touch with Ann to ask any questions and discuss the style you want.

Lip Liner


Ann will expertly apply a lip liner in a choice of your colour and thickness, that will add long lasting definition to your lips and help reduce any lipstick bleed. All without ever having to struggle with that lip liner pencil ever again!

Lip Blush and Liner


Ann will discuss the results you are looking to achieve, before applying a lip liner that blends towards the body of the lips to enhance your natural shape and fullness. No more worrying about your makeup running on holiday, or reapplying your lips every lunchtime!

Colour Boost


Your lips will need the occasional top up to keep the colour and definition the best it can be. The time and effort this takes is nothing in comparison to creating precise lips every single morning! Ann recommends a Colour Boost every two years or so.


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