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Semi Permanent Brows

Are you looking to add definition to your brows? Fed up of spending all that time in front of the mirror every morning?
This procedure could be perfect for you. Whatever look you're trying to achieve, beautifully groomed brows will frame your face, make your eyes pop and help to define your features. No more topping up with the eyebrow pencil at lunchtime, no more holiday worries that your brows will run, even go the gym full of confidence in your no makeup look!

Get in touch with Ann to ask any questions and discuss the style you want.

Hair Strokes


Ann can create beautifully detailed hair strokes with stunning colour and leading techniques, so that the texture and definition appear natural! The healing time is just a few weeks, and afterwards you will be left with stunning brows that take little maintenance.

Ombre Brows


Ann will discuss the desired result you're looking to achieve before using beautiful pigments and leading techniques to create soft, groomed brows. In just a couple of weeks they will heal to reveal gorgeous definition and colour that will last for years with very little maintenance necessary.

Powder Brows


Ann will discuss the result you're looking for with you before using stunning pigments and leading techniques to create your solid, strong brows. Healing will take just a couple of weeks, and the outcome will be gorgeous definition and colour that lasts for years with little maintenance.



Microblading uses a fine blade to insert colour into the upper layers of your skin. After a few weeks of healing you will be left with natural looking and defined brows! Ann will discuss any after care with you, but they will require very little maintenance.

Colour Boost


Your brows will need the occasional top up to keep their shape and colour the best it can be. The time and effort this takes is nothing in comparison to drawing and filling in those brows every morning, or worrying about them sliding off! Costs are £50 within seven months of your initial appointment and £80 within eight to twelve months.



This quick wax and tidy will keep those brows looking groomed, and is necessary before some of Ann's other brow treatments.


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